About Joseph King University

Joseph King University is rooted in a history of heritage, thought leadership, and all around excellence. Our mission is to stay true to the wisdom of our founder, who felt young minds were best molded in an environment of coddling, sensitivity, and appeasement. We strive to shepherd the disillusionment of incoming students, ensuring them of their foremost standing in society. As a result, students leave JKU with their dreams fully intact, their credit limits fully reached, and their minds discordant with the challenges of the real world.

JKU welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, including non­-hominine learners. Admissions are open to all qualified candidates, and our learning environment includes traditional classroom, online, and telepathic content delivery. We encourage all those seeking a self-­centered learning environment to consider JKU.

Fast Facts:

  • Colors: Green, Orange, and Blue
  • Founder: Dr. Hugh Moore, Sr.
  • Mascot: Jester
  • Motto: Rideo, Ergo Sum
  • Accreditation: We proudly hold the highest accreditation available for unaccredited universities
  • Saying: We are… Joe King U!