Joseph King University delivers an impressive offering of academic programs designed to circumvent high achievement and eschew advancement of knowledge. We prepare students for an idealist society in which their thoughts are held in the highest esteem.

Our advanced programs feature classes lead by leading academics with little or no real-­world experience. We insist on such high qualifications because we refuse to let actualities and “real-life” degrade our rigorous academic culture. We recognize that our students are here to pursue their futures by escaping from the real world, and we strive to cradle them in a safe, non- challenging, completely disillusioned environment.

JKU Degree Programs include:

  • Liberal Arts
  • Engineering
  • Natural Science
  • Health & Medicine
  • Business and Management
  • Arts and Design

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Joseph King University provides students an unparalleled environment for exploration, betterment, and progressing towards the future. In fact, 100% of JKU students realize a future!* So if you’ve dreamed of pursuing your future, come to JKU and join...