Welcome to the future! And congratulations on your decision to apply to Joseph King University. We look forward to having you join our elite programs and revered student body.

Application Requirements

To be considered for acceptance, we require all candidates submit to a rigorous application process, including:

  1. demonstrate the ability to type your full name, or the name of the person you are completing the application for;
  2. providing a valid mailing address;
  3. selecting a degree program, or inputting your own; and
  4. having a valid credit card to pay for the $15 application processing fee.

Our acceptance rates are among the highest in the country, and all who complete the above requirements can expect to receive a full academic or athletic scholarship package within 7-10 days of applying. Show your friends and family they belong at JKU and complete and complete an application today!

Application Schedule

JKU offers a rolling application and acceptance schedule. Apply now!

Welcome back to a trigger-free JKU campus

Dear JKU Students,

Welcome to campus as we begin the 2016-17 academic year. Whether you are an incoming freshman or one of our many returning 7th year seniors, we are glad to have you on campus, and sincerely appreciate your pre-payment of tuition...


New Restroom Policy Addresses Gender Identity Concerns

May 13 , 2016 - The JKU Board of Regents has adopted a new policy to address the needs of individuals of all gender identities and expressions across campus. Under this policy the university will eliminate gender specific bathrooms on campus. All bathrooms...