New Restroom Policy Addresses Gender Identity Concerns

May 13 , 2016 - The JKU Board of Regents has adopted a new policy to address the needs of individuals of all gender identities and expressions across campus. Under this policy the university will eliminate gender specific bathrooms on campus. All bathrooms will instead be marked for use based on biological function, as all members of the JKU community, including GLTBQ students and faculty, share common biological explosion functions.

The new policy will be effective at the beginning of the upcoming semester. All bathrooms currently identified as “Mens” will become “Pissers.” All bathrooms currently identified as “Womens” will become “Shitters.” The policy leaves urinal usage open to all genders, though a provision added prior to approval does require additional “seat down” signage for each toilet stall in the Pissers. Shitters will be re-equipped with “always-down” seats and additional ventilation. Family bathrooms will remain available for either biological function. Each bathroom will also be repainted using a gender-neutral color scheme of yellow and brown, which janitorial estimates will allow cleaning costs to be reduced by nearly 25 percent. These janitorial savings will cover the costs of signage, painting, ventilation, and new shitter-specific seats, making the policy budget neutral.

“We feel this policy shift takes a progressive step towards furthering our all inclusive community at JKU” said President Hugh Moore following the meeting. “This, we believe, sets a precedent in bathroom identification that will be followed throughout the country.” JKU student and GLBTQ community member Stevie Peters favors the new policy, adding that beyond gender confusion issues, the new policy “will create a less nasty bathroom experience when I just have to pee, because sometimes people just eat the wrong stuff and we all pay when it comes out the other end.” Stevie also looks forward to using the urinals, something (s)he hasn’t done in years.

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