Welcome back to a trigger-free JKU campus

Dear JKU Students,

Welcome to campus as we begin the 2016-17 academic year. Whether you are an incoming freshman or one of our many returning 7th year seniors, we are glad to have you on campus, and sincerely appreciate your pre-payment of tuition.

The beginning of a new year on campus is an exciting time. It’s a time when I can proudly say that all of my students are succeeding academically and all of our athletic programs are undefeated. All of your dreams remain in front of you. You are in a caring and appeasing environment that is designed to let you dream big while achieving little. It is your time to set forth on a journey of delusion and conviction. The world is yours and the faculty and staff at JKU is here to protect you from the dream crushing realities of the real world.

Student appeasement is central to our mission of ensuring that students leave JKU with their dreams fully intact, their student loan limits fully reached, and their minds discordant with the challenges of the real world. With this mission in mind, our faculty has committed itself to fully disclosing the presence of content that may cause discomfort or pain to a student. Each class at JKU will include a trigger warning disclosure document to be provided on or before the first day of class. The trigger warning policy will also be applied elsewhere on campus, including in university dining facilities, where specific menu items, such as grandma’s week-old meatloaf, may cause discomfort. Many campus events will also have a disclosure of trigger warnings. This includes a warning at men’s wrestling events where singlets are known to cause discomfort to both the men wearing them and all who have to watch men wrestling in them.

I am excited, and so is our faculty, to enhance the safe and sensitive learning environment that is provided for students of all backgrounds at JKU. In this spirit, we invite any student or member of our campus community to inform us if you are exposed to anything on campus that make you feel discomfort, either physical or mental, as you are welcomed back to campus this year.

Warm regards (intended in a completely non-sexual way for the record),

Dr. Hugh Moore President, Joe King U!

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